Zenideez Tea and Vegan club LA

Zenideez App is a Successful and is developed to provide simple meditation techniques.  

Zenideez Tea and Vegan Club LA is based in Los Angeles, Its focus is to get together artists who are interested to try new varieties of tea and vegan food. Presently we meet up in Restaurants and parks around LA County in areas of Lomita and at downtown LA. Artists and women are welcome to come and attend..... 

The main agenda is to explore and review tea and vegan products and support different businesses who are promoting environmentally healthy products.

The Zenideez Tea Project
Around the world women have to step out of the house or work places when they are going through abuse of some kind by a man or a spouse. The zenideez tea project is trying to come up with a way to provide free green tea for such women which will be available in the leading cafe's around the globe.... lets make this a reality .... its not easy but we have to do this for those women who chose flight rather than fight. because they dont want the other person to be in jail but they are looking for a solution to the problem. Julia George the app Founder of Zenideez is scheduling kathak shows and selling using her animated book called the pizza loving tiger book profits to support this cause.
support this event. 

Julia George the author of Amala A life on lockdown and Zenideez app developer is determined to help many women who needed a way to heal while they are in which ever aspect of their lives their selective normal, aggressive or provoking crisis from spouse, family or work situations.

While the city of LA and the whole world is going through turmoil she realized the hour of the need is to help others find Inner healing. 

Meditation To Heal is her new simple introduction for all towards the option of meditation. 10 percent of the world is under Psychiatric statistics without their knowledge. You are probably talking to a friend not knowing that its a psychiatrist seeing you upon the scripted scam from someone you know within your family or relatives. Like the story of Amala reflected of something very similar how she was trapped in Psychiatric dilemma because of her own husband and family. 

Covid -19 has been an eyeopener to the world. So many psychiatrists, so many health workers have passed away. Meds are not always the solution. A doctor's diagnosis works to certain limits, lab tests done, meds prescribed and therapies or whatever tried is all on the basis of trial and error. 

The need for the present crisis is to find a solution for all. Try to control your life working with something what works for you. If that means, you have to let go of the negative, you have to make lifestyle changes, give it a go. The odds of trying to work around the scams and statistics is that we try to help each other to find a holistic approach to life. 

Julia George assures you that Meditation works wonders, and you should try it to believe it. No there is no implication to changing your religion or beliefs to try to find a techniques for holistic healing. So please dont get too emotionally drained to try out meditation to help you heal. 

Author Julia George is doing a one on one chat sessions with celebrities with random individual who would like to share their life and be featured in her TALKSHOW. Featuring how is your present holistic life approach. 

If you have read her book or just want to get to know the author, RSVP with your name and details.

And we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Julia George has achieved a masters in science. So instead of being scammed into some statistics she felt to be an informant and share to many a better way of holistic living is very important through meditation.

Julia George is a small town Los Angeles based author, she is not the typical extremely popular celebrity, but she is a aspiring actress, has done three International Movies, wrote a fictional book and hopes to make it a movie some day and further in to directorial venture.

For now since Covid is the biggest crisis humans have faced, she is trying her best to help many with the book Meditation to help. 

The book is available in kindle version at present and in a few days it will be launched in the paperback version also.

If this venture works many lives will be saved from harmful effects of medications. Making slight lifestyle changes will change the focus level and your confidence level, ones inner strength and resistance levels will change. Just because you are a cheerful person, just because you dance or love to sing or because you are an out going personality, there is nothing wrong with you. Every human being reacts when provoked, that is human nature. But given titles for the simply on the basis of some persons witty and cunning discreet-ions is not appropriate. Lets change this norm of sacking people with cunning scripts. Let us help one another.